You are where you are because of you, the Universe don’t give a monkey about you!

So please stop blaming him,it or them for the dire straights you’re in.

Since we’re adult in full control of ourselves, the situation we’re in is the direct result of our decisions. Nothing is to blame on someone or something else.

My heart bleed each end every time I hear or read a CEO or any business manager trying to justify the reason of his demise : from the local general stores who blames Amazon to the SP500 CEO who blames the winter conditions.

Let’s cut the crap here: only the fools will pretend to believe you.

Even if they’re doing so, it won’t get you out of the ditch you’re put yourself in, on your own.

The Universe don’t give a sh**t about you and it has other things to do than commissioning a league to block you in your endeavors.

Every time I hear or read someone making excuses for bad results, blaming it on the elements or the environment, I read: “I’m a piece of sh*t who makes mistakes and don’t want to admit it. Therefore, I’m more likely to do it again and that’s why I’m ending up in this sh*t hole.”

Instead of blaming the rest of the world and making excuses, you’d better spend this time and energy trying to understand how you ended up there.

You will probably find out that what lead you to this situation is a string of bad decisions and wrong reactions to certain stimulus.

That’s right to get it wrong, we all do mistakes. That’s how we react to it that will make us succeeding eventually.

Trying to cover up our mistakes and making excuses for it never lead to success, ever.

You don’t fix a problem with the same mindset who caused it.

I’ve seen this quote attributed to many wise celebrities of the past. It noneless summarizes the point here : If you’re where you are now, and that’s not where you wanted to be, that’s probably because sometimes during the way, you’ve taken the wrong turn.

Everything is the direct outcome of our decisions and those decisions are dictated by our mindset.

The pattern of our mindset has be forged by our culture, our education, our habits, bad or good, our experiences,…

It’s up to ourselves to identify what we’re doing wrong in our decision process.

Therefore that why it might be useful to refer to someone external who can bring another look to it, with a different mindset.

There is no shame into asking for help.

Sometimes you’ll even delight the person you’re asking to.

There is no need to get into high ticket consultants to get the right help. But don’t ask anybody too.

Asking advice from the wrong person can me hugely detrimental.

But before requesting the advise from someone,  please do ensure he’s got the following qualities:

  • Does this person have any knowledge or experience in this area? Asking a customer relationship related question to a kindergarten teacher makes no sense.
  • Does this person has been in similar problems before?
  • Most importantly: has this person has arrived where I want to be?

What you’re aiming for id to seek advice.

Most often, people misinterpret opinion from advice, simply because the person expressing an opinion turn it to an advise: “If I’d be you, that’s what I’d do”… but you’re not me and you don’t know what you’re talking about !

The fact is that every person have an opinion on anything. Even if they don’t, the absence of opinion is an opinion.

Opinions are based on limited knowledge (ignorance), fear, prejudice and beliefs. They are in limitless supply, therefore, they are of no value.

On the contrary, advice is based on knowledge, experience, and confidence. Those are harder to find, which make it priceless.

So next time you’re about to blame someone else because you cannot explain what happened, pause and ask yourself why you’re there and if you can’t seek to reach out to someone who have been there, done that and get it solved.