We offer a flexible range of services, that can be tailored to your needs.

Ultimately, we do not charge for failure. No win, no fee.

The range of services we provide are:

  • Startup Companion, from the first steps. 

Because you’re passionate by what you do the best. Don’t let the pitfalls spoil the first profits of your enterprise.

Let us help you and keep focused on what you’re doing best, you will need it on the early days of your business. 

  • Business Plan drafting, proof reading and auditing 

Because before launching a business, a realistic plan is necessary.
Let us help you drawing your first business plan that will lead you to get investor on board

Have you already drafted your business plan and you need advice on how to improve it ?

Are you an investor looking to get a second opinion on some business plan ? We can do that for you.

  • Process Efficiency Audit 

Because the way we’re doing things might not be the best way any more. Let us bring a fresh hindsight  on your processes.
Don’t worry, if you’re doing fine or if the cost of implementing a new way of doing things will overtake the potential savings, we will make it clear.
No fuss, no prattle, let’s get to the core of what is essential.

  • Profitability Audit

Something went wrong, the numbers never lies. Your financial statements go opposite of your efforts and if you thing having tried everything possible to put thing right, it might be worth giving us a shout. Before the bailiffs come at least.

  • Annual Statements Analysis

Want to have a fair view of a company situation but you don’t talk the numbers language? Let us do the work for you. Are you being in a business venture and you want to know which good questions to ask to the operating managers? Let us analyse the numbers and come back with questions that will clarify your doubts. You can make the numbers tell what you like, but eventually they never lies when we can make them tell the truth.

  • Due Diligence or Pre-Merger or Acquisition audit. 

That is the most sensitive audit ever, often compared to a pre-nup review. That’s what it is: trying to find as much possible skeletons in the closets.
We’ve got a long experience to spot the little things wrong that could turn a significant investment into hell once the honeymoon is over.

And much more, you name it!
Contact us and be sure that if we can’t do it, we won’t waste your time BS-ing you.

God bless you in your business ventures!